Class and Session Types

Group Classes

At SmartFit, we offer small group classes in Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Total Barre, Cardio Barre, Zenga and Strengthen, Stretch and Condition (SSC), as well as private personalized equipment and mat Pilates and Strengthen, Stretch and Condition sessions, tailored to your fitness level, pain/rehabilitation concerns, or aimed at improving your sporting performance.

Group classes taught at our studio:

Mat with Props class is suitable for participants of all levels and is conducted on a mat with the use of arches, Pilates balls, stability cushions and many other specialized props to deliver a flow-like, effective total-body workout focused on building core strength and improving balance, stability and postural alignment.

Reformer Group class delivers a spring-based resistance, stability and flexibility workout on Pilates reformer that will help you gain awareness of your body and correct its alignment, ease pains, become fitter and stronger in an unorthodox way. Despite being challenged, you will walk out of the class feeling great and with a new-found awareness of your body.

  • Beginner Reformer

    Beginner Reformer class is suitable for beginners and those looking to build their confidence on reformer. It focuses on teaching the proper use of equipment, Pilates breathing, 5 basic Pilates principles and basic reformer exercise repertoire.

  • Upper Beginner Reformer

    Upper Beginner Reformer class is suitable for those with reformer Pilates experience. It is focused on building total body and core strength, improving balance, posture and flexibility.

  • Immediate Reformer

    Intermediate Reformer class is designed for those with substantial reformer Pilates experience. It introduces more difficult variations of exercises in a fluid, dynamic way with a use of props.

Mat and Reformer beginner, upper beginner and intermediate classes combine mat and reformer Pilates repertoires into a challenging body weight and resistance-based workout.

Total Barre class is a high-energy and fun musically-coordinated class that is centered around a ballet barre and combines elements of ballet, Pilates and strength training. This class helps improve dynamic stability, flexibility, stamina, strength, quality of movement and coordination. Total Barre is suitable for participants of all levels.

Cardio Barre class is a version of the Total Barre class that focuses on cardio endurance and is performed to familiar and fun pop tunes. Suitable for all levels.

Zenga class is a mindful movement class that is focused on performing connected, fluid strengthening, stretching and balance-building exercises on and off the reformer. It incorporates and blends Pilates and Yoga exercises to help achieve the sense of calm, focus and strength from within. Zenga is suitable for participants of all levels.

Strengthen, Stretch and Condition (SSC) class offers fun and focused high impact training: you will perform total body and isolated strength, cardio and flexibility movements in a group using TRX, BOSU, Kinetic Box and other props. Get ready to sweat and get fit and agile!

Myofascia Release and Pilates Reformer In this class we will release myofascia as a warm up before using the Pilates Reformer. Myofascia is one of the types of connective tissue in our body. By releasing myofascia, your body is more stable and you have more mobility in your joints which will result in a better and more functional workout.

Weight Circuit Training In this class we will be doing weight circuit training for body conditioning and resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. This class will target strength building and muscular endurance. There are a variety of body weight exercises in the circuit that work on functional training of your muscles, rather than using the Pilates equipment.

Pilates Reformer and TRX In this class we will use both the Pilates Reformer and the TRX. TRX was developed out of necessity for the USA Navy SEALS training. “It is a suspension training bodyweight exercise which develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously” ( A TRX workout is a cardio-strength workout, it is an intense full body workout that requires core strength to keep the TRX balanced as your body works against gravity. When doing TRX in the group setting, we will modify exercises to be harder or easier depending on the client’s ability.

Pilates Reformer Cardio and Conditioning In this class we will use Pilates Reformer for both cardio and conditioning. It is an energetic and intense class on the Pilates Reformer that incorporates the jump board for cardio intervals and the spring resistance of the Pilates Reformer for targeted muscle conditioning. This will work on developing the core and total body strength while elevating the heart rate and focusing on using proper jumping techniques. This is a full body workout class that is suitable for clients at the intermediate to upper intermediate level.

Senior Pilates Reformer This class is specifically designed for seniors. It is suitable for clients with arthritis and other joint concerns, osteoporosis, lower back issues, knee and hip issues including those with hip, knee, shoulder or other joint replacements, that can prevent them from participating in our other reformer classes. In this class we will use the unique spring tension of the Pilates Reformer and modified therapeutically focused exercises to gently but effectively strengthen, align and stretch your whole body.

Barre Condition Taught by Evelyn, a professional ballerina, this class is a true representation of ballet techniques in a 55-minute workout by the ballet barre. Gain graceful posture, lean figure and work on your cardio if this beautiful, feminine yet challenging and resilient class.

Cable Core Control Created by Marina, this new machine and training program incorporates weights and cables into familiar strength and Pilates routines. Tone up in a group with the 1st in the world Pilates-meets-gym core and total body strength program.

Private Classes

Private Sessions are your own customized Pilates or Strengthen, Stretch and conditioning sessions that are based on your postural and fitness assessment (done on your 1st-2nd visit) and address your individual needs. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance, recovering from injury or dealing with pain, looking to improve your posture or prepare for/get in shape after child birth, our experienced and passionate trainers will help you reach your goals in an effective and engaging way.

  • Pilates Private

    Pilates Private sessions are personalized 1-on-1 low impact strength, stability and flexibility classes that are based on STOTT Pilates method and use a variety of props and specialized equipment.  Your instructor will first conduct a detailed postural assessment to check for postural misalignments and muscular imbalances and then create a progressive training program. We create Pilates Private programs for posture correction, injury rehabilitation, sport-specific, pre and post-natal and elderly training.

  • Strengthen Stretch and Condition (SSC) Private

    Strengthen Stretch and Condition (SSC) Private sessions are personalized 1-on-1 high impact strength, cardio and flexibility classes that are designed to get you in top shape and fully recover from pains and injuries. You will use a variety of props and specialized equipment, including TRX, BOSU and our own Kinetic Box.  Your instructor will first conduct the fitness assessment to determine your strength, endurance and flexibility level and then create a detailed, precise and progressive training program. We create Strengthen Stretch and Condition Private programs for fitness conditioning, flexibility, sport-specific training and injury rehabilitation.