September 20, 2018

Introducing the KinetiCube Training (KCT)– a fitness machine and program designed for pain relief, fitness, strength and agility

Marina Gavrikova, certified Pilates Instructor-Trainer and owner of Smartfit Studio at Tanglin in Singapore, is conducting personalized fitness training on her newly installed custom-designed fitness machine:  KinetiCube.  Measuring 2×3 meters and featuring six adjustable cable weight racks, the KinetiCube affords new approaches to SmartFit’s clients:   Functional strength programs that emphasize stretching and strengthening. Retraining and activate muscles to allow for proper posture, alignment and relieve pain Transition from instability to greater stability on spine and other joints, from light loads to heavier weights, improving
August 24, 2018

Adventures of a First-Timer… In a Cable Core Class

By Svetlana Gavrikova I arrive at SmartFit at 11:32….2 minutes after the class has started. But it’s excusable, since I’m attending the class this time, not teaching it. Phew, made it! Trainers, the usual sports attire are on, though today I am attending a different kind of class at SmartFit – not the usual flowy, dreamy, clench-your-teeth-for-stability-and balance kind of class. No. Today we’re doing the happy, peppy, circuit training-meets-Pilates workout. Enter Cable Core Control. The name sounds deceivingly like
January 24, 2017

A Little About Pilates: Yes, It Is Different Form Yoga!

Many have heard about this “new” and “fashionable” exercise method, but few know how it is different from others, its origins and unique benefits. Pilates is an exercise program that is, like all things German, systematic, precise and effective and was built over a hundred years ago by Joseph Pilates. He believed that the proper breathing technique, gentle yet through stretching and strengthening of the muscles and achieving optimal flexibility in the spine are the keys to a healthy body
January 24, 2017

Pilates for Sports Series: Horse Racing

Interview by Barend Vorster, Smartfit client and a multiple award-winning jockey. April 2016   Introduction I have been doing Pilates and Strengthen, Stretch and Condition training at SmartFit and working with Marina for two years.  I am a professional race horse jockey.  It is an intense sport that demands a high level of fitness. My training enables me to sustain that level. I ride 5-6 days per week. I race two days per week – 8 or 9 races per