Injury and Pain Rehabilitation

We know what it’s like to suffer from pain and recover from an injury first-hand. We have also helped hundreds of people to live a pain-free, active life and recover from slipped discs, tennis elbows, muscular tears and other knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, neck and back pains and injuries – sometimes when traditional methods, like operation, failed.

We believe most pains and injuries result from improper skeletal alignment and muscular imbalances, some inborn, but most resulting from lack of/incorrect exercise and poor sitting and standing posture.

As SmartFit, we pride ourselves on helping our clients return to their favorite sports, forget what daily pain feels like and start living fully again through progressive and tailored Pilates and KinetiCube programs.

Usually, rehabilitation process consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1 a.k.a. “a breath of fresh air”

First, your trainer will perform a postural and fitness assessment to determine which muscular/skeletal imbalances have resulted in pain/injury. Then, she will create a personalized and progressive Pilates program using a variety of STOTT PILATES® equipment* and will have you relearn proper posture and body alignment while strengthening some muscle groups and stretching others to bringing your body in balance. This phase lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 months, depending on the scope and severity of the problem.

*Our studio is equipped with the latest STOTT PILATES® Equipment and all of our instructors and STOTT PILATES® certified. You are guaranteed to never get bored. Get ready to learn, be surprised and feel better each day. Your best body is on the way!

Phase 2 a.k.a. “strength phase”

You have gained balance, stability, mobility and basic strength, and pain symptoms have subsided/disappeared: it’s time to take the program up a notch and become strong. At this phase, you are performing more interesting, advanced exercises that build on everything you have learned in the first phase. You feel stronger, more energized. *The gym is your oyster*.

*This phase is still a part of the Pilates program. Length depends on individual progress.

Phase 3 a.k.a. “return back to *Better* life”

Ok. You are strong, balanced, reasonably flexible and feeling fantastic. Time for the good stuff, right?

Right! Time to start the KinetiCube program and become agile and gain endurance so you can return to your favorite sports or maybe just… shop for hours?

At this point, your trainer will create a functional training routine using our own Kinetic Box, TRX and other devices for you to have fun while you get to your best shape.

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