Adventures of a First-Timer… In a Cable Core Class
August 24, 2018

Introducing the KinetiCube Training (KCT)– a fitness machine and program designed for pain relief, fitness, strength and agility

Marina Gavrikova, certified Pilates Instructor-Trainer and owner of Smartfit Studio at Tanglin in Singapore, is conducting personalized fitness training on her newly installed custom-designed fitness machine:  KinetiCube.  Measuring 2×3 meters and featuring six adjustable cable weight racks, the KinetiCube affords new approaches to SmartFit’s clients:


  1. Functional strength programs that emphasize stretching and strengthening. Retraining and activate muscles to allow for proper posture, alignment and relieve pain
  2. Transition from instability to greater stability on spine and other joints, from light loads to heavier weights, improving core and over all body strength.
  3. Leaning proper fundamental movements to avoid injuries and discomfort from any other sport or fitness trainings.
  4. Sports and functional training:  progressive, compound movements that add weight resistance, and improve balance and flexibility.  Professional, club and occasional athletes and those seeking high levels of fitness are enjoying increased muscle mass, endurance and agility


Marina’s extensive background in Stott Pilates after years of athletic training and competition have informed KCT’s design and programs.  She beings an intelligent approach to full-body, biomechanically-balanced, progressive resistance training to promote musculoskeletal health for participants of all fitness levels.


Are you looking to tone, add muscle mass or improve health; perhaps relieve pain without surgery and med’s? Marina and KPA can help you rehabilitate, reinvigorate and meet your personal goals.   Come try KCA.

Smart Fit:  Pain-Free Energized Living