KinetiCube Training

Bridging Physio, Pilates and functional strength training for holistic rehabilitation and well-being


KinetiCube Training and KinetiCube Exercise Machine are designed to rehabilitate, strengthen, alleviate pain and help you improve your overall fitness, health and wellbeing. Incorporating the very best of physio, Pilates and functional strength regimens, KinetiCube Training and Machine will take your training from stability to power with precise, progressive and scientifically proven pre-designed training programs. Whether you need to rehabilitate from an injury, get in shape or improve your fitness level for sports, KinetiCube has a program designed for you.

The training is performed on a cable-weight machine that is transformable for both Pilates, functional training and physio exercises and provides for all-in-one workout experience. All of the workout movements are synced with digital on-screen instructions and motivational music.

KinetiCube Training (KCT) incorporates:
1. Rehabilitative programs that emphasize stretching and strengthening of particular unbalanced muscles. Retraining muscles to uphold body in optimal alignment, as well as strengthening local stabilizers muscles which are holding proper distance between articular surfaces of the joints. Learning correct movements via Functional Training and Pilates repertoire, challenged by cables with weights. The nature of KinetiCube’s design is minimizing excessive loading of articular surfaces of joints, which allows to restore joint function.

2. A gradual transition from stability exercises to mobility, form light toad to heavy weight, while improving core strength, stability, and overall agility and flexibility.

3. Functional training programs – Learning complicated compound movements that require agility and progressively add weight load. Sport-specific, targeted training. Muscle mass increase.

Are you looking to tone the whole body or to simply train certain regions of the body for health or purely aesthetic reasons? This effective and biomechanically balanced training program helps you get to your top shape progressively while rehabilitating injuries.

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