Meet Marina:
SmartFit Owner and Senior Instructor

From a young age, Marina’s love of an active lifestyle was readily apparent. Her parents and teachers, noticing Marina’s love of running, jumping and outdoor games, encouraged her to enter races as a young girl and later enrolled her in a Sports Academy on Sakhalin Island, Russia.

Marina competed successfully across the former USSR in 800 and 1,500 meter events while in high school.  Sports University of Khabarovsk, Russia followed, where Marina earned two degrees: Coaching (Track and Field) and Rehabilitation.  Following university Marina taught in school and coached young athletes for five years.

During this time Marina took up aerobics and began teaching aerobics classes.  In 1995 Marina opened her first professional studio in Russia and soon expanded to three studios.

Enjoying both teaching and entrepreneurship, she obtained multiple certificates to teach and certify other instructors in 7 distinct aerobic disciplines.  Marina has trained more than 50 instructors, most of whom continue as instructors today in various aerobic disciplines.

Like many devoted athletes Marina has been injured.  Her health today is excellent, but she has suffered back, sciatic nerve, shoulder and wrist injuries. Marina believes that injuries come not just from accidents, but from incorrect movement and exercise:

“Despite being an elite athlete, I injured myself doing exercise!  My own injury, pain and learning has convinced me of the importance of proper movement and posture.  Many popular exercises can actually cause more harm than good.  The combination of strength, stability and mobility done in the proper way with guided instruction will speed recovery and lead to sustained health and well-being. This is my work and that of SmartFit.”

Marina’s experiences fuel her empathy toward clients who have suffered injuries and drive her studies today – she spends hours each week studying Physiology, Biomechanics and Sports Physiology and incorporates her learning into her classes.

Marina took up Pilates and became a certified Instructor in 2008.  She moved to Singapore in 2011 and opened Smart Fit in 2012.  Marina and the staff of Smart Fit work closely with doctors and chiropractors.

The heart of Marina’s practice and teaching is Pilates, but includes corrective exercises from her many studies and certifications, including strength and flexibility training.  An area of focus is injury prevention, and rehabilitating physical dysfunctions and injuries, again focusing on the quality of movement, not amount or difficulty.

An additional focus is working with athletes on sustaining high performance.  Her clients currently include top tennis players, golfers and professional jockeys. A professional athlete and current client reports,

“In the two years that I have been doing Pilates, I have seen definite improvements in my performance. At a younger age you are strong and recover faster and don’t see the need to do additional exercise.  At my age, I need to work on my strength, flexibility and balance to sustain and improve my performance.  With Pilates and working with Marina, I have not only sustained my level of performance – I am at the highest level of racing in my career…  I see a great return on the time and investment I make in Pilates in my performance and income.”