Mind-Body Training

Breathe. Center. Align. Flow. Be in the now.

All too often we rush mechanically through our day without taking a moment to tune into our body and soul and listen to what is it that we truly need. This is taking a great toll on our health and emotional well-being: we become stressed and less grounded, we forget how to interpret our body signals and care for ourselves.

In our Private and Group Pilates classes, we learn how to be aware of and present in our body, how to engage our muscles and how to align and center ourselves. You will become stronger, leaner, more balanced, flexible and agile, while taking an invaluable opportunity to simply be with yourself.

Whether you need to stretch and gain balance or stabilize and strengthen your body with slow yet purposeful movements, our range of Pilates mat and reformer classes will help you breathe, stretch, strengthen, gain balance, regroup and become aware of your body. You will love our new range of mat-based classes for spine flexibility and core strength (using arc, medicine balls, foam rollers, etc.), as well as stretch and balance classes with stability ball and other tools. Want to take it to the next level? Try a reformer class to challenge your coordination, body awareness and strength.

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