Our Mission

Marina and Lana, mother and daughter team with decades of experience and acclaim in professional sports, dance, personal training, Pilates, instructor education, injury rehabilitation and background in owning an award-winning international fitness chain started Smartfit in 2012 with a simple goal: to help people live their fittest, healthiest, happiest and most energized lives through education and experience-backed high quality fitness training.

After being injured in professional sports, extensive training, certification in and teaching numerous wellness disciplines including aerobics, strength programmes, dance, Pilates, functional and flexibility training and helping people from all walks of life and of various fitness levels become fit, toned and pain-free, we believe that we have found a golden formula of wellness training and want to share it with you.

Today we, with our talented team of instructors, help you gain core strength and flexibility in STOTT PILATES® reformer and mat classes, experience mind and body connection through Zenga, train like a ballet dancer in Total Barre, get fit and toned in Strengthen, Stretch and Cardio small group classes or transform your life through personalized 1-on-1 Smartfit training programs.

We also offer innovative Instructor Training programmes for fitness professionals wanting to take their expertize to the next level.

Join our friendly international community and find out why we are recommended by our clients and rehabilitative doctors island wide. Discover pain-free energized living today!

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