Our Team


Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer, Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Instructor Trainer FISAF RUSSIA (classic aerobics, step aerobics, circling, boxing, strength training, aqua aerobics), Certified Total Barre Instructor, Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Coaching and Rehabilitation

Marina is a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor and fitness trainer that has qualified in Toronto, Canada; New York, USA, South Africa, Russia and Singapore. As a former track and field athlete and an acclaimed fitness and athletics coach with more than 30 years of experience, Marina possesses an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and movement and is experienced in working with individuals and fitness professionals alike.

With a strong focus on rehabilitation, education and continuous improvement, she considers it to be her life’s mission to help people live their best lives through exercise, as well as to raise the level of fitness industry through quality instructor education.

Teaches Classes In: English, Russian
Specialty : Pilates, Strength Training, Posture Correction, Athlete Rehabilitation, Instructor Education
Experience : 30 Years
Fun Facts: Marina is happy to be finally living in a warm climate. As a junior, she competed in a USSR-wide track and field competition (1500m distance) and won gold!


Certified Functional Training Instructor and Personal Trainer, Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor
Originally from Russia, Lana has lived and taught in the USA and Singapore. Having athletic and dance background, she uses holistic approach in the creation of various sport-specific and fitness conditioning workout routines and enjoys seeing her clients get stronger, more flexible and ultimately – healthier and happier.
Teaches Classes In: English, Russian
Specialty: Functional Training, Sport-Specific Training, Flexibility Training
Experience: 10 Years
Fun Facts: Lana is a fan of natural cosmetics and has created a line of natural body care


Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Certified Zenga Mat & Equipment Instructor, Certified Total Barre Instructor, Yoga Instructor for IYTR (International Yoga Federation), Certified TRX Instructor (TRX Functional Training, TRX Group Suspension Training, TRX Medicine Suspension Training)

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Sunny has qualified and taught Yoga, Pilates and Functional Training in Seoul, Toronto, India and Singapore. By being exposed to and experienced in both Eastern (yoga) and Western (Pilates, functional training) exercise methods, Sunny has evolved to incorporate both approaches into wholesome, unique and effective – “best of both worlds”- workouts.

Teaches Classes In: English, Korean
Specialty: STOTT Pilates Group Classes, Total Barre, Zenga, Yoga and Pilates Fusion Workouts, Core Strengthening, Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
Experience: 6.5 Years
Fun Facts: Sunny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Acting and Drama and is a certified bartender!


Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Mat and Reformer, EBFA Barefoot Specialist, FIT Singapore Pre and Post-Natal Training Certified Instructor

Alexis is originally from Singapore and has trained in a variety of sports from a young age. She was first attracted to Pilates for the way it builds mind and body connection while making one feel balanced, flexible, strong and rejuvenated.

After experiencing the benefits of Pilates as a client, she decided to make Pilates and mind-body fitness training her career.

Now, Alexis is passionate about introducing people to Pilates and helping them become progressively stronger, more flexible and balanced with her signature patient, precise and friendly teaching style. She constantly strives to explore new areas of fitness training to best meet the unique needs of each client.

Teaches Classes In: English, Chinese
Specialty: STOTT Pilates Reformer and Mat Classes, Foot-To-Core Integration, Core Stability Training, Pre and Post-Natal Pilates
Experience : 1.5 Years
Fun Fact: Alexis enjoys “granny hobbies” like crocheting and baking a mean apple pie. She is also a coffee snob and a certified barista. She has taught Pilates and worked out herself all the way through her first pregnancy.