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January 24, 2017

Pre and Post-Pregnancy Workouts: Which One to Choose?

The joy of becoming a mother is beyond expression. And this happiness can be experienced to its fullest only when a woman stays fit, healthy and energetic through all the stages of pregnancy and post childbirth.

At SmartFit, we know that the key to pre and post-natal fitness is working out in a safe, specialist-approved way and maintaining a harmonious and progressive workout regimen that prepares a woman’s body to endure the physical demands of childbirth and motherhood and helps her transition into her pre-pregnancy shape seamlessly and quickly after the delivery.

We recommend Pilates Private workouts pre-delivery and a combination of Pilates Private and Strengthen Stretch and Condition (SSC) workouts post-delivery.

Targeted Pilates exercises during pregnancy help the would-be mothers learn systematic breathing techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, improve their stamina and regularize their sleeping patterns.

Other benefits of pre-pregnancy Pilates programs:

  • Help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling
    • Improve posture and correct the alignment of spine
    • Stretch the back and upper body muscles and help relieve tension
    • Particularly effective in easing ankle, knee and back pain
    • Strengthen abdominal muscles to support the spine and pelvis
    • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and prepares the body for child birth

Post pregnancy Pilates and SSC programs

A woman’s body is very weak post pregnancy. It needs time to heal and recover. Hence, it becomes essential to get your doctor’s approval before taking up any form of exercise post pregnancy. Pilates is often recommended by doctors worldwide as the most suitable form of exercise for women to regain health and fitness post pregnancy.

One of the major concerns of new moms is to regain a taut and toned tummy. Pilates is the perfect way to strengthen the abdominal muscles and get back in shape. Also, a woman might experience back pain and postural problems post pregnancy. Pilates workout strengthens the upper body, alleviates back pain and aligns the spine for an improved posture. The pelvic floor muscles weaken due to the trauma of childbirth. Due to this, women often experience inconsistency post childbirth. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with Pilates exercises is an ideal cure for this problem.

After a few months of Pilates Private postnatal program, a woman’s body is strengthened and aligned and it’s time to start the Strengthen, Stretch and Condition training program. This is a more impactful program that incorporates cardio and weight-bearing exercises supplemented by balance and flexibility training and in designed to get your body into top shape and become strong, toned and energetic while being limber and agile.

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