Sport-Specific Training


This workout is designed specifically for golfers looking to increase club head speed and get more distance on the drive. Learn specifically chosen and modified Pilates exercises, which work on increasing focus and body awareness, isolating crucial core muscles and combining the elements of strength with flexibility. This Pilates golf workout benefits any level golfer from amateur to professional.


Our Pilates program for runners provides a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and mind/body connection exercises, in tune with specific breathing practices. It is designed to keep beginner to professional level runners free of ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain and injuries, speed up recovery times, increase energy levels, improve flexibility and take the advanced runner to the next level. Our team of trainers includes an ex professional runner.

Horse Riding

Our clients – professional award-winning jockeys, as well as leisure participants of the sport, are very fond of the Pilates and KinetiCube programs, often paired together to achieve best possible results and designed specifically to gain focus and balance in movement, core strength, agility and endurance, as well as improve posture and flexibility. The training helps greatly with recovering after practice and managing aches and pains. Perform the sport-specific movements loaded with weight to achieve better performance in riding.


Pilates program for tennis focuses on building the deep stabilizing muscles of the core, leading to a strong, stable powerhouse from which to generate high-torque swings and sudden directional changes. Along with increased flexibility in the shoulders, hips and torso, these translate to a body that is able to maintain optimal technique against the stamina demands on court. It is also a full body exercise that promotes muscular balance, reducing the possibility of an injury. It is often paired with KinetiCube program for tennis, which is designed to improve your stamina, agility and reaction time. The end result is a flexible, agile and strong body that has both stability and mobility to adapt to different playing styles.

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