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Private Sessions

Created by SmartFit Master Trainer and Owner Marina Goddu, the KinetiCube is a one-of-a-kind cable weight machine that combines functional training, Pilates and physio. The KinetiCube is used in both circuit-style Group Classes and Private Sessions, and is ideal to help with rehabilitation, injury recovery, gaining strength and stability, alleviating pain and improving overall fitness.

Work toward a specific health or aesthetic goal using our biomechanically-balanced and scientifically-proven KinetiCube training programmes, which can take the form of:

Rehabilitative programmes that emphasise the stretching and strengthening to correct imbalances, re-training muscles to hold the body in optimal alignment and strengthening the local stabiliser muscles to hold the proper distance between the articular surfaces of the joints. Using the KinetiCube’s fusion of exercises from Functional Training, Pilates and weighted cables will teach you to master new movements and understand your body better; all while minimising any excessive loading of articular surfaces of joints.

A gradual transition from stability exercises to mobility and light to heavy load, as well as working to improve core strength, stability, agility and flexibility.

Functional training with complicated compound movements that require agility and progressive load increase. These are ideal for sport-specific or targeted training as well as those looking to increase muscle mass. Your body is sure to ache the next day but your body and goals will thank you!