Private Sessions at SmartFit are just that - totally private. Whether you’re in recovery or rehabilitation, are new to this form of exercise or simply wish to improve your overall fitness, having the undivided attention of a highly-qualified instructor will ensure that you truly get the most from your training.

Every aspect of the session is tailored to your body and your goals. Our instructors are experienced in creating personalised programmes for a wide variety of clients; delivering careful coaching to ensure you progress at your own pace and perform each exercise safely and effectively. Private Sessions give you the flexibility to schedule at your convenience, and plenty of time to discuss any issues with your instructor. Struggled to see results in the past? This could be the answer.

To book a Private Session, either use the booking system below or download the MindBody app to book, cancel or reschedule your sessions. Please note: to book private sessions on the MindBody app, please select ‘Appointments’.