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Injury Rehabilitation Clinical Pilates Corrective Exercise KinetiCube / Medical Fitness

At SmartFit, we pride ourselves on helping our clients return to their favourite sports, forget what daily pain feels like and start living life fully again. How do we do it?

Our high-quality instructors are skilled in using Pilates and KinetiCube programmes to create personalised Private Sessions tailored to suit our clients’ physical ability and goals. Throughout our many years of experience, we have helped to improve all manner of health concerns, supporting our community on their journey towards better health.



 Our instructors are skilled in working with and helping to improve all manner of injuries and physical conditions, including:



- Herniated disc prevention / rehabilitation
- Back alignment
- Scoliosis
- Degenerative spinal conditions


- Tennis elbow rehabilitation / injury prevention
- Frozen shoulder
- Rotator cuff injuries
- Shoulder instability


- Neck alignment correction
- Stenosis
- Chronic neck pain & headache
- Cervical spondylosis

* Suffering from a physical ailment not listed here? Stop by the SmartFit studio to discuss how we can support you.

Legs & Feet

- Knee rehabilitation / injury prevention
- Plantar fasciitis
- Shin splints
- Meniscus tears
- Bunions

Hips & Pelvis

- Hip stabilisation
- Hip replacement
- Sacroiliac / lumbosacral joint coordination
- Lateral tilting & rotation


- Post-operation pain reduction
- Osteoporosis / osteoarthritis
- Geriatric training (balance, fall prevention, mind/body coordination)
- Stress reduction
- Post-injury strength training



Your instructor will first conduct a postural and fitness assessment to help determine the muscular or skeletal imbalances that resulted in your pain/injury. From this, they will create a personalised and progressive clinical Pilates programme designed to help you re-learn proper posture and body alignment while strengthening specific muscle groups and stretching others to bringing your body in balance. You will also learn a special breathing technique to help alleviate muscle tension.

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Once you have gained balance, stability, mobility and basic strength, your pain symptoms should have subsided, if not disappeared entirely. Now it’s time to take the programme up a notch. This phase is all about gaining strength with a variety of corrective exercises more interesting, advanced movements that challenge your body while helping to correct your alignment and posture.

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Smartfit Pilates


SmartFit is the only Pilates studio in Singapore with the KinetiCube - our biomechanically-balanced cable weight machine that incorporates functional training, Pilates and physio. Exercising in this way will help you become more  agile and gain endurance, which in turn will enable you to return to your favourite activities. As you are now feeling so much fitter and stronger, this point in your programme will be the most varied and fun, as your instructor begins introducing new equipment and movements.

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