Marina Goddu

Marina is our owner, founder, Master Trainer and all-round Pilates and functional fitness expert! Originally from Russia, Marina is a former track and field athlete and acclaimed athletics coach with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and movement is second to none. With more qualifications that we can count, Marina is a STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer, Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Certified Physiotherapist, Certified Total Barre Instructor and has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Coaching & Rehabilitation. As if that wasn’t enough, she is also a qualified Instructor Trainer with FISAF RUSSIA in classic aerobics, step aerobics, boxing, strength training and aqua aerobics.

Her work has taken her to the USA, Canada, South Africa and now to Singapore. Marina’s mission is to help people to live their best lives through exercise and to raise the standards of the fitness industry through high-quality instructor education.

SmartFit speciality: Pilates, Strength Training, Posture Correction, Athlete Rehabilitation, Instructor Education
Experience: 30+ years
Languages spoken: English and Russian
Fun fact: During her school days as a junior, Marina competed in a USSR-wide track and field competition (1500m) and won gold!  


As sunny in personality as she is in name, Sunny is a Korean native from Seoul who has spent almost a decade helping clients to become their strongest, most flexible and healthiest selves.

Having lived and taught in four different international locations (Seoul, Toronto, India and Singapore), Sunny is well-versed in exercise methods from both the East (yoga) and West (Pilates, functional training). It is this combination of experience that enables her to incorporate both approaches into her sessions, ensuring that clients truly get the ‘best of both worlds’.

Sunny is a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Certified Zenga Mat & Equipment Instructor, Certified Total Barre Instructor, Yoga Instructor for IYTR (International Yoga Federation) and Certified TRX Instructor (TRX Functional Training, TRX Group Suspension Training, TRX Medicine Suspension Training).

SmartFit speciality: STOTT PILATES® Group Classes, Core Strengthening, Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention
Experience: 9.5 years
Languages spoken: English and Korean
Fun fact: Sunny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Acting and Drama and is a certified bartender!


Sunny Heo


Ketakee Joshi

As a qualified medical doctor and certified Pilates instructor, Ketakee has a unique take on anatomy and movement that she channels into all of her client sessions. Before relocating to Singapore twelve years ago, Ketakee lived at home in India where she practiced yoga for many years; giving her the basis for what would become a career centred on the body and mind.

Having gained her Pilates qualification with Pilates Academy International (PAI), Ketakee has been channelling her knowledge of human anatomy into both private and group classes for the last two years. Private Sessions really showcase Ketakee’s ability to create personalised workouts designed to suit the physical ability and overall health of each individual.

SmartFit speciality: Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation, Postural Analysis, Pre/Post Natal Pilates
Experience: 2 years
Languages spoken: English, Hindi and Marathi
Fun fact: When not teaching Pilates, Ketakee enjoys healthy cooking and swimming


Uni KO

Originally from Seoul, Uni has ten years of experience in Pilates, yoga and specialised athletic fitness instruction, making her a fantastic addition to the team. Having loved athletics and competition from a young age, Uni initially trained to be a professional basketball player before sustaining an injury that hampered her career. It was then that she found a passion for Pilates; going onto achieve a Bachelor of Physical Education degree and become a fully certified instructor. The last decade has seen Uni teach a wide variety of clients including professional athletes, and become experienced in injury recovery. She is looking forward to bringing her unique, customised approach to SmartFit. 

Languages spoken:: Korean

University of Nevada, D.K. Body Balancing Pilates  필라테스 자격증을 보유한 고운이 강사가 6월부터 싱가포르 SmartFit과 함께 합니다.
고운이 강사는 서울에서 10 년 넘게 여러
운동선수 포함한 다양한 연령층의 회원님들과 필라테스, 요가 및 전문 피트니스 트레이닝을 강습하신 경력을 갖고 있습니다.
고운이 강사는 어렸을 때 부터 육상과 대회에 큰 관심과 열정을 보였고, 프로 농구선수의 길을 걸었습니다. 잦은 부상으로 선수의 길에 어려움을 겪을 때 필라테스를 발견했고 이후로 필라테스에 매료되어 지금까지 열정의 필라테스 강사로 활동하고 있습니다.
고운이 강사는 용인대학교 체육과학대학
사회체육학과 학사학위 취득으로 요가 티칭은 물론 고운이 강사의 노하우를 비롯한 전문 재활치료 경력과 함께 강사만의 특별하고 개별맟춤 지도로 개인/그룹 레슨을 제공했습니다.


lynn qiu lin

Born in Sichuan, China, Lynn’s childhood hobbies of hiking and swimming continued into adulthood, when she discovered a new sport that would become her passion: golf. Lynn has now been playing golf for an incredible 21 years and has the sport to thank for helping her discover Pilates. Having been told how Pilates can improve sport performance, Lynn began attending regular private sessions and saw huge improvement not only in her golf abilities but in her posture and overall body awareness too. The experience opened her eyes to the wealth of benefits that Pilates can have on movement and health (not just for golfers, but for everyone) and inspired her to become a certified STOTT Pilates instructor.

At SmartFit, Lynn is looking forward to bringing the same positive results from Pilates to her clients. She specialises in using Pilates to prevent injuries prone to athletes and working with them to improve strength and flexibility in the specific muscles required for their sport.

Languages spoken: English & MANDARIN


zoe louise lagesse

From Reformer Pilates to spinning to hiking the hills of wherever she’s currently calling home, Zoe enjoys all manner of fitness and movement. It’s no surprise then that her career has always had health and wellbeing at its core, with her experience spanning marketing communications and editorial features for leading wellness publications across the globe.

Today she can be found channelling her creativity and passion into her role as Studio & Marketing Manager at SmartFit. Her goal? To help more people island-wide discover this fantastic studio and all that it can do to improve their confidence, fitness and physical health.

Languages spoken: English
Fun fact: While she may be a London girl at heart, British-born Zoe spent two years in Hong Kong before relocating to Singapore, where her love of good weather and even better food have never been more content.

Joanne photo.JPG


For more than 20 years, Joanne has held positions of senior administration and customer service for international and world-renowned companies, including Singapore Air. She has excelled in these roles, winning annual Customer Service awards for three years in a row. 

Her love of fitness, health and balanced living brought her to SmartFit in May 2019, where she can balance her work and passions. She loves scuba diving, and loves encouraging others to take charge of their physical health to achieve happiness and their goals in life.

Languages spoken:: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien
Fun fact: Joanne’s star sign is leo, which means she is loyal, optimistic, romantic and has strong attention to detail! A fun and fearless person, Joanne spent the month before arriving at SmartFit learning to become a qualified scuba diver.