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Posture Correction Stability/Balance Flexibility Sport-Specific Pre/Post Natal

Discover SmartFit’s unique approach to mind and body training!

All too often we rush mechanically through our day without taking a moment to tune into our body and mind, and listen to what is it that we truly need. Here at the SmartFit Pilates studio - one of the finest Pilates studios in Singapore - we offer Private Pilates sessions and Group Pilates Classes in Singapore that focus on how to become more aware of and present in our bodies.

Pilates training at SmartFit teaches how to engage your muscles and align your body correctly. Whether you choose our private Pilates sessions, Mat Pilates Group Classes or Reformer Pilates Classes, our highly-qualified instructors will support you through your journey to becoming stronger, leaner, more balanced, flexible and agile; all while taking an invaluable opportunity to simply be with yourself.


Posture Correction

A variety of STOTT PILATES® equipment is used during SmartFit Private Sessions, all of which are designed to help you become stronger, leaner, more relaxed and with the optimal posture. These sessions begin with a postural assessment, which will provide your instructor with the information needed to create a tailor-made programme to suit you. The focus will be on re-training your muscles to create proper muscular balance and alignment, as well as teaching a special breathing technique to alleviate tension and ache from the neck and shoulders. Once you have built a solid foundation, you may wish to try one of our Reformer Group Classes, as these are all focused on improving posture while also working on stability, strength and flexibility.

SMARTFIT Recommends:
Private Sessions
PILATES MAT OR Reformer Group Classes


Pilates is known to help improve stability as well as strength and flexibility, so what better place to start when looking to improve your balance? Our Private Sessions will be tailored to suit your ability and personal needs, ensuring you gain everything you want from your workout. Alternatively, book into one of our Group Classes; specifically Pilates Mat & Balance or Pilates Mat & Stability Ball. Both of these  are ideal for helping to improve flexibility, mobility and balance, while offering progressive stretches and movements to lengthen and restore tired or stiff muscles.

SmartFit Recommends
Pilates Mat & Balance Group Classes
or Pilates Mat & Stability Ball Group Classes


Stability/Balance Training


Flexibility Training

Whether you are simply feeling stiff or have always wanted to master the splits, our dedicated flexibility sessions will deliver everything you need. The one-on-one nature of Private Sessions is ideal as they allow the instructor to focus solely on your body and your goals, particularly if you have suffered from an injury. They also allow you to work on multiple pieces of equipment for a well-rounded workout. If you would like to try a Group Class, either book into a Reformer Pilates session or for a more gentle approach, opt for a Pilates Mat option.

SmartFit Recommends:
Private Sessions, Reformer Pilates Group Classes or Pilates Mat Group Classes



SmartFit Recommends Private Sessions


Pre/Post Natal

Our instructors are specifically qualified in pre and post-natal Pilates to ensure that you exercise safely and effectively during this most exciting yet challenging of times. Working on the mat and Reformer machine as well as with a variety of other equipment, these Private Sessions will be totally tailored to you. Depending on how many weeks pregnant you are, how your recovery is going (if you are post-natal), and how your body is feeling generally, every exercise will be adapted to suit you. Our goal is to ensure you get the most from your session without pushing yourself too far.

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Private Sessions