+ How do I sign up for a Group Class or Private Session?

After registering for an account with SmartFit, you can then use the MindBody app to book into Group Classes or Private Sessions. You can get the app on your phone to make scheduling your appointments even easier!

+ I have never done Pilates before - is that a problem?

Not at all! We recommend beginners to book at least one Private Session before entering a Group Class so that our highly-qualified instructors can assess you properly. This reduces risk of injury and ensures you get the one-to-one attention that you need for your first time.

+ How do I know which level of Reformer Pilates class to book?

Each Reformer class is suitable for a different level. If you are new to the Reformer or have taken less than 12 Reformer Pilates sessions, please sign up to Beginner. Your instructor can advise you when you are ready to progress to Upper Beginner or Intermediate sessions, as this depends on strength and ability. Only clients who have been practicing Reformer Pilates for 1 year or more should sign up to Upper Intermediate.

+ What is the KinetiCube?

Created by SmartFit Master Trainer and Owner Marina Goddu, the KinetiCube is a one-of-a-kind cable weight machine that combines functional training, Pilates and physio. KinetiCube Group Classes are performed circuit-style and are ideal to help with rehabilitation, injury recovery, gaining strength, alleviating pain and improving overall fitness.

+ How many spaces are available for each Group Class?

We specialise in small class sizes so that each client gets the best experience possible. There are a maximum of five clients in each Reformer Pilates class, eight clients per KinetiCube class, six clients per Mat Pilates class and six clients per TRX class.

+ Can I refer a friend to SmartFit?

Yes, we would love you to! If you refer a friend who purchases a package of 10 or more sessions, we will credit your account with one free Group Class as a thank you.

+ What promotions do you offer for new clients?

Exclusively for new clients, you can get 5 Private Sessions for $600 or 5 Group Classes for $199. Alternatively, purchase a block of 10 Group Classes or 10 Private Sessions and get 50% off the price of your first session!

+ How long is each package valid for?

Our 5, 10 and 20-session packages are valid for 6 months and our 30-session packages are valid for 8 months, as per our Studio Policy.

+ What is your cancellation policy for Group Classes & Private Sessions?

If you cannot attend, please cancel or reschedule your session at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled start time. This is the same for both Group Classes & Private Sessions, as per our Studio Policy.

+ What do I need to bring with me?

All Group Classes and Private Sessions require you to wear grippy Pilates socks, which you can purchase in the studio or via our online shop for $25. For KinetiCube Group Classes only, if you would prefer to wear trainers please ensure they are clean and suitable for indoor wear. Please also bring your own reusable water bottle. You can help yourself to filtered water in the studio but as we are trying to keep our single-use plastics to a minimum, we no longer provide cups.

+ Are there changing rooms at SmartFit?

Yes we have one changing room in the studio.

+ How do I find the SmartFit studio?

When arriving at Tanglin Place, there will be an elevator on your right. Step inside and press the button for floor 4. Entertain yourself for 30 seconds while the elevator rises up, then step out, turn right and then turn left. Our door is the last one on the right! Just follow the good vibes...

+ What languages are Group Classes and Private Sessions available in?

Our instructors are multilingual! We offer Group Classes in English and Korean. Private Sessions are available in English, Korean, Russian, Hindi and Marathi.

+ Can my doctor or physiotherapist refer me to SmartFit?

Yes, we are recommended by health and medical professionals island-wide! We are also compatible with some insurance plans.